The courses are jam packed with other short instructional videos, tips, and techniques.

Professional Culinary Foundations Level 1

How to Properly Heat a Pan
Avoiding Cross-Contamination
Honing Your Knife
Buying Chicken
Buying & Storing Eggs
Checking Best Before Dates on Rice
Map of Cooking
How to Know When Poultry Is Cooked
How to Test Salmon for Doneness
What are Meyer Lemons?
Pan Frying Thick Ingredients
Pan Fry Chicken Medallions
What is Mirin?
Platform Tour
Proper Handwashing
Cooling Stock
Cooling Risotto
Cleaning & Sanitizing Cutting Boards
Thawing Chicken Properly
Thawing Fish Properly
Marinating Food Properly
Buying & Storing Whole Grains
Cooling & Storing Rice & Grains
Pathogen Growth at Room Temperature
Storing Whole Grains
Storing Whole Wheat Flour
Practice Using a Bench Scraper
Slicing Safety
Slicing Long, Flat Ingredients
Slicing Round Ingredients
Slicing Large-Shaped Ingredients
Acids for Vinaigrettes & Dressings

Professional Culinary Foundations Level 2

How to Butcher a Chicken | 8 or 10 Cut Chicken
What is Couscous?
How to Poach an Egg
How to Carve Poultry
How to Know When Your Poultry is Cooked
Platform Tour
Freezing and Storing Demi-Glace
Cooking & Determining Steak Doneness
How to Fold
Pasta Cooking Essentials
Pâte Sucrée | Mixing, Resting & Chilling
Pâte Sucrée | Rolling & Lining & Forming the Dough
Stirred Custards | Thick | Crème Patisserie
Stirred Custards | Soft | Crème Anglaise
Pâte Sucrée | Baking
Properly Cooling Stock
Baked Custards | Crème Brûlée
How to Make a Basic Vinaigrette
How to Pan Fry Fish Over Higher Heat

Plant-Based Foundations

Marinating Mushrooms
Cooking Seitan in Stock
Sweetened Non-Dairy Milk
Rolling Seitan Sausages
Platform Tour
How & Why to Soak Nuts
Soaking Flax & Chia Seeds
How to Make Raw Linguine & Fettucine Noodles
What is Gluten?
Choosing Tomatoes for Tomato Sauce
The Texture of Roux-Based Soups
The Cacao Tree

Seafood Literacy

Seafood Nutrition
Seafood Literacy
Platform Tour

Waste Not

Dan Barber
Ana Caballero
JBF Steven Satterfield
Wasted Food Pyramid
Angelina Branca
Jeni Britton Bauer
Adam Danforth
Hari Pulapaka
Anh Nguy
Platform Tour